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Something so insignificant to many but now it has a need to be significant..

In Convey you are the square and you must guide it to the goal... The goal a place were everyone wants to get too, but must use the tools the player has in order to get there... The conveyor the tool the player relies on the most this tool allows it so you can move the player block around to get to the goal. The conveyors are the only way(currently) to get the player to the goal. You can set the direction of the conveyor to left, right, up, down by clicking them after they have been placed. There are things in your way such as static barriers and moving barriers so timing the block with the conveyors is key. There are many things still to add and I'm always open to suggestions you can put them here or tweet me on Twitter(@ieyfo)

Whats in the Game Currently.

Player Uses

  • Player(The player is guided from what ever conveyors it hits its initial direction is right.)
  • Conveyor(This is you favorite tool, one placed you can keep clicking it to set the direction to guide you player.)


  • Barrier(If hit the level is failed.)
  • Moving Barrier(If hit the level is failed)
  • Laser(Rotates between the 4 directions if hit the level is failed.)
  • Spike Shooter(Rotates between the 4 directions and shoots a spike in the current direction if the spike is hit the level is failed.)


  • Goal(This is where you are going to win the level.)

Whats Planned?

  • Create & Share your own levels.
  • Timer
  • Point System
  • Boost
  • Level Specific Task.
StatusIn development
Release date Dec 31, 2016
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tagsblocks, convey, GameMaker, ieyfo, Sandbox
Average sessionA few seconds