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Hello, first thank you for checking out the game :D. Next this is a game about timing and strategy. The idea behind this game is simple but executing the task isn't. You have acquired the ancient skill of Fire setting where you light a fire in a cave to heat it up then throw water on it to break the rock and get the gems. I have altered it just a bit by taking out the water part and making is so you have to click the gems as the come off the rock. You can then sell the gems for money. Your goal is to get 2.5 million in cash to win the game but wait there are 2 things in your way. cave ins and gem chances. The longer the fire is on the higher the chance for a cave in but the better chance for more valuable gems. You have to ways to combat this, one turn off the fire overtime the chance will go down, the chance for a more valuable gem will too. You can also spend 10k to automatically take away 5% from the current chance of a cave in.

Is the reward great enough you will have to find out.

***Note: If you exit the game you have to start over just to make it a bit harder.***


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Fire Setting.exe 13 MB


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