A downloadable game

Wave Attack will be infinite game where you the player kill enemies in waves to gain rewards to upgrade the many boost. At the same time you must not let enemies past as that will damage you also! Every kill counts and its important to survival of the next wave.  Seems simple but the waves keep coming, how far can you reach?

Right now Wave attack is being developed for windows. Alpha 1 will be the first version showcasing all features for the future game to expand on as well as infinite waves and playability. You can follow along development by checking out the Devlogs!

Currently the playable version is a game jam version I made 5 years ago. This was the inspiration for the full game as well as Balloons Tower Defense. 

This version is very simple and gives a feel for how the game will play.  With 20 waves and unique ones at that you are tasked with getting to the end. Unlike the Alpha and versions above this is missing many features and is just a bare bones idea that I am putting up until Alpha 1 so you can get an idea of what is coming and to give input and ideas for the next version! 


Wave Attack.exe 21 MB

Development log